In September of 2016 I had the opportunity to design some style frames for CBS Sport Network's all women sports talk show, "We Need To Talk". After reviewing 2 design directions, the client chose to move forward with this concept. The client wanted something that was high class but not overly feminine or reserved as to not undermine the power of women and the women hosting the show.
Style Frames
Nadia Ali - 5 Time Boxing World Champion
Amy Trask - Ex- CEO of the Oakland Raiders
Allie LaForce - Lead Reporter and Co Host
After the design phase I got the next opportunity to animate these designs along with another very talented animator. 

In total we created 16, :10 second spots and 4 :20 second spots.
Prime Time Commercial Spots
All work was done at SPILLT in Denver, CO
Designer: Brian Clark 
Animator: Brian Clark, Kevin Kerndt
Producer: Kate Swift
Creative Director: Ed Rhine
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